Social Workers Are Essential to Reopening Connecticut

NASW CT has sent an open letter to Governor Lamont calling for a Social Service and Mental Health Workgroup to be part of the Open CT planning. Our letter strongly speaks to the importance of having a robust involvement of the social work profession in planning for our state. The letter specifically states “NASW/CT writes […]

CE Waiver Clarification

Under Governor Lamont’s executive order certain licensed social workers have had the continuing education requirement suspended. If your license period includes the date of March 10, 2020 you do not have to attain continuing education hours in the license period that includes March 10, 2020. You do have to get continuing education hours for any […]

Anthem To Pay Parity for Telehealth:

Anthem To Pay Parity for Telehealth: We are pleased to report that Anthem will pay the same for telehealth sessions as they do for in-person sessions for the next 90 days. We believe NASW/CT was the first organization to blow the whistle on Anthem’s rate reduction and the Chapter organized the successful campaign to get parity in payment. We […]

Call for Clinical Social Workers to Meet Increasing Demand for Climate Change-Related Mental Health Concerns

Climate Psychology Alliance North America (CPA-NA) is a newly formed nonprofit designed to help individuals cope with the varied psychosocial reactions to the climate and ecological crises.  We expect there will be a growing need for climate-aware therapists due to ongoing ecological degradation.  Additionally, climate destabilization will continue to contribute to social and political conflict. […]

Climate change is having serious impacts on health and mental health. This Practice Perspective addresses the issues and how social workers can respond to assist clients and advocate for change.

Please find a new Practice Perspectives, Climate Change and Health: A Call to Social Workers, posted on the NASW Health Practice Tools page at  This resource provides an overview of the physical and mental health effects of climate change, and it recommends approaches for social workers to integrate this knowledge into practice.

NASW Has Issued a Statement on ICE Raids on Immigrant Families

NASW has issued a statement on ICE raids on immigrant families. The statement speaks to the emotional impact of the raids and what social workers can do. To read the press release please go to

The social work title protection bill is already providing positive results

The social work title protection bill is already providing positive results for clients in the public sector. The Division of Public Defender Services has posted a position for a social worker and is requiring a degree in social work due to the provisions of the title protection bill that addresses state social workers employment. This […]

NASW issued a statement on the Supreme Court decision barring a question on citizenship in the 2020 census

To read the full statement click on this link:

NASW Has Released a Social Justice Report…

NASW has released a social justice report that calls for the cash bail system to be abolished across the nation.  The system unfairly discriminates against people of color, women and people who are low income. For instance, bail for black men is set at levels 35 percent higher than for white males who commit similar […]

NASW Condemns Alabama Passage of Nation’s Most Restrictive Anti-abortion Law

NASW released a statement condemning Alabama’s passage of the nation’s most restrictive anti-abortion law. NASW says it is now up to federal courts to affirm Roe v. Wade is settled law. NASW implores the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn a new wave of restrictive abortion laws in Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Ohio, and Georgia. Here is […]