Stop Medicaid HUSKY parents from losing their health insurance coverage


NASW/CT strongly opposes Governor Malloy’s proposal to reduce eligibility for Medicaid HUSKY Parents from the current income level of 155% of the federal poverty level (FPL) to 138% of the FPL. Here is why we oppose reducing eligibility for the HUSKY Parents program.

  • Reducing eligibility to 138% FPL will eliminate at least 9,500 parents from health coverage under HUSKY Parents.
  • When parents lose health care coverage they are less likely to attain health care services for their children.
  • Most parents on HUSKY cannot afford private insurance even if it is subsidized. Dropping parents will lead to more uninsured individuals.
  • It makes no sense to cover the children but not the parents in the same household.
  • Health care should be a right and Medicaid is a core safety net program that absolutely needs to be maintained at current funding levels.


Contact your state senator and state representative. Tell them to OPPOSE ANY REDUCTION in eligibility for Medicaid HUSKY Parents. Tell your legislators that Medicaid is a CORE SAFETY NET program and urge your legislators to keep Medicaid funded at the current level.

Not sure who represents you or how to contact them? Use this link to look up your legislators names and contact information:

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