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On-goingWomen, Opiate Dependence and the Conundrum of Complex Co-Occurring Disorders5Web-basedContact Info
On-goingLGBTQIA…SOS! Sexuality and Gender, Differentiated and Demystified3Web-basedContact Info
On-goingAn EMDR Refresher with Theory, Practice, and Practicum4.5Web-basedContact Info
On-goingSolution Focused Approaches with Challenging Clients5Web-basedContact Info
On-goingBiology of Addiction I4.5Web-basedContact Info
On-goingRecovery 1014Web-basedContact Info
On-goingBiology of Addiction: A Continued Conversation4.5Web-basedContact Info
On-goingABC's of Medication Assisted Treatment5Web-basedContact Info
On-goingThe Long Reach of Childhood Trauma: Using the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study to Inform Practice3Web-basedContact Info
On-goingFiduciary Best Practices 1
2Web-basedContact Info
On-goingThe Other Gender: Using a Trauma-Informed Framework for Working with Men
2.5Web-basedContact Info
On-goingMarijuana: Myths, Measures, and Misunderstandings
2Web-basedContact Info
On-goingThe 7Cs That Maximize Impact
2Web-basedContact Info
On-goingCreating an Interrelated Service System2Web-basedContact Info
On-goingIntersections of Birth + Trauma: Informed Clinicians Empowering Clients4Web-basedContact Info
On-goingEthical Decision Making for Caregivers, Fiduciaries and Families2Web-basedContact Info
On-goingCreating Trauma-Informed Spaces
2Web-basedContact Info
On-goingThe Scientific Revolution in Addiction Treatment: From Disease Model to Psychobiosocial Model, From Abstinence-Only to Integrative Harm Reduction Psychotherapy with Special Attention to Women
4Web-basedContact Info
On-goingBuried in Treasures: The Nature and Treatment of Hoarding Disorder
6Web-basedContact Info
On-goingWomen, Babies & The Opioid Epidemic: A Multi-System Approach3Web-basedContact Info
On-goingRisk Assessment for Violence4.5Web-basedContact Info
On-goingHealing From Heartache4.5Web-basedContact Info
On-goingRacism and the Myth of Colorblindness4.5Web-basedContact Info
On-goingThe Relationship of Adverse Childhood Experiences to Adult Well Being2.5Web-basedContact Info
On-goingResponding to Intimate Partner Violence through Screening Intervention3Web-basedhttps://netforum.avectra.com/eweb/Shopping/Shopping.aspx?Site=cwc&WebCode=Shopping&cart=0
On-goingThe Intersection of Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking2.5Web-basedhttps://netforum.avectra.com/eweb/Shopping/Shopping.aspx?Site=cwc&WebCode=Shopping&cart=0