Important Update Regarding Veterans Services CECs

The Department of Public Health has determined that all licensed social workers must attain 2 hours of training related to veterans. The mandate takes effect when you renew your license in 2016. So if you renew you license in January your new license year starts February and you have the following 12 months to attain the 2 hours of continuing education on veterans. Thereafter you need 2 hours every six years. NASW/CT did not interpret the new law the same as DPH. We interpreted it that only licensed social workers renewing their license for the first time had to get the CE hours within 12 months of the license renewal. We have since learned that DPH’s interpretation is that all licensed persons under the mandate must get the 2 hours once they renew the license in 2016. For those who are newly licensed in 2016 the mandate takes effect upon renewing the license for the first time. NASW/CT is offering 2 workshops at our Annual Conference that meet the requirement and will be offering qualifying workshops throughout 2016.

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