Annual Awards Dinner Committee Charge

NASW/CT Annual Awards Dinner Committee – Committee Charge

Rationale for Committee Existence

The Connecticut Chapter of NASW has an established tradition of honoring individuals who made valuable contributions to the profession through its annual awards. The awards provide an opportunity to show appreciation for outstanding colleagues, strengthening our pride in our profession. Publicly recognizing social work excellence as well as non-social workers who have supported the profession’s goals serves to increase community support and contribute to a positive image of social work. Identifying those who exemplify best practice provides role models for all of us to learn from.

Committee Goals

Honoring outstanding achievements of social workers: The Committee annually selects one Social Worker of the Year. When, in the opinion of the Committee, appropriate persons are nominated, the Committee select a Lifetime Achievement Award recipient and a Student Social Worker of the Year recipient. The awards process:

  1. Honors those who have made outstanding contributions to our clients and
    our profession;
  2. Publicizes social work achievements through, whenever possible, obtaining
    press coverage, thus contributing to a positive public image of the social work profession;
  3. Identifies models of excellence for other social workers to emulate; and
  4. By celebrating our accomplishments, reinvigorates us for tasks which are
    often difficult and demanding.

Recognizing non-social workers who have supported the profession’s goals: Through the Legislator of the Year and Public Citizen of the Year award, given at the discretion of the Committee if appropriate persons are nominated, the awards process:

  1. Publicly thanks Legislators and others who actively support social work
    goals, thus encouraging future support; and
  2. Contributes to a positive public image of the profession by obtaining
    press coverage when possible and by spreading information about the awards through those who come in contact with the awardee.