Continuing Education Committee Charge

Continuing Education Committee -Committee Charge

Rationale for Committee Existence

Advances in professional knowledge and technique, complicated by continuous changes in social roles, economic structures, and culture, compel professional social workers to continually update and expend their skills and knowledge base. In addition, Connecticut state law and regulation require Licensed Clinical Social Workers to complete 15 credit hours of approved continuing education in order to renew their practice license. Therefore, the availability of quality continuing education is key to responsible professional practice both for clinicians and for non-clinicians.

The NASW/CT Continuing Education Committee strives to enhance continuing education for Connecticut social workers in two ways:

  • By delivering workshops to Connecticut social workers, and
  • By screening and approving programs provided by other organizations for
    Continuing Education Credits under State of Connecticut law and regulation.

Committee Goals

NASW/CT WORKSHOPS: Workshops delivered by NASW/CT should offer education on a range of social work topics. NASW/CT workshops should provide:

  1. Quality programming
  2. Evidence based practice tools, as far as current knowledge allows
  3. Content which is responsive to members needs
    a. Based on assessment of members needs
    b. Including a breadth of topics
    i. Varied fields of practice
    ii. Clinical and non-clinical topics
  4. Assist participants in meeting client needs; “client” may be defined as
    individuals, groups or communities
  5. Assist participants in advancing their career goals.

Continuing Education Approval Process: The Continuing Education Credit approval process will strive to:

  1. Encouraging quality continuing education
  2. Encouraging and approve a variety and breadth of topics, within the
    framework of the LCSW scope of practice
  3. Assure LCSWs that educational programs they attend meet Connecticut
    Department of Public Health continuing education requirements for license renewal
  4. Assist members in locating desired continuing education offerings
  5. Administer approvals in a fair and consistent manner
  6. Offer providers a smooth, streamlined application process, insofar as
    this goal does not compromise adherence to DPH requirements, ethical standards, and encouraging quality programming
  7. As much as possible, cover administrative costs of the program.