Community Organizers Network Charge

Authorization and Accountability

The Community Organizers Network of NASW/CT is a Board of Directors approved Network of the Connecticut Chapter of NASW. The Network reports to the Board of Directors at least once a year on the activities of the Network.



To provide a professional network for community organizers to meet for: sharing of mutual interests, providing support to each other, addressing issues of concern to community organizers, educating social work students and practitioners as to the principles and practice of community organization, and advocating for community organization as a practice field.

Time Frame

The Network is an ongoing unit of the Connecticut Chapter.


Members, Terms, and Criteria

The Network is open to all involved and interested in community organizing. This includes practitioners and students of community organization trained in schools of social work as well as organizers trained and working outside of the profession. Organizers that are non-members of NASW may participate in the Network activities; however membership in NASW is encouraged for those who hold a social work degree.

The chairperson or co-chairpersons of the Network shall be appointed by the chapter President with the advice of the Network’s steering committee, for a term not to exceed two years and may be reappointed for additional terms.


Specific Responsibilities

  • To advocate for the practice of community organization within NASW/CT and the greater social work community.
  • To provide support, guidance, sharing of best practices, and networking opportunities to community organizers through formal and informal gatherings.
  • To provide education and training on the practice of community organization.
  • To inform the members of NASW/CT on the practice of community organizing through use of the chapter’s communication vehicles, such as the newsletter, website, Facebook, and e-updates.
  • To keep members of the Network informed on issues, activities and matters of interest through direct communication with Network members.
  • Serving as a resource to individual members regarding community organization.
  • To develop information and resources on community organization that will be made available to NASW members, non-member social workers and the general public.
  • To serve as a vehicle for community organizers in Connecticut to learn of each other and to connect with each other.
  • To participate in NASW/CT and/or community projects and activities that utilizes community organizing techniques.


In 1995 NASW/CT was the first NASW chapter to form a Community Organizers committee. The original Network existed for several years, providing continuing education events and networking opportunities. The Network disbanded when the leadership moved onto other professional endeavors and new leadership for the committee did not emerge.

In 2005 an effort was launched for revive the Community Organizers Network in collaboration with the UCONN School of Social Work’s Community Organization concentration. A proposed Charge was developed and recruitment of members undertaken. The effort met with minimal interest and the committee was not successfully re-launched.

The Network was re-started in January, 2013 by a group of practitioners and social work students. Six meetings were held between January and December 2013, with a core group of participants to plan and initiate the Network.