International Social Work Committee Charge


Authorization & Accountability

The Committee on International Social Work is authorized by and accountable to the Board of Directors of the NASW CT chapter. The committee reports at least twice per year to the Board on the activities of the committee.


The committee’s purpose is to provide a professional network of social workers that are interested in issues relevant to international social work. The committee meets via conference call or in-person meeting to address NASW CT member’s interests in international social work.

Time Frame

The committee is a standing committee of the Connecticut chapter of NASW.

Members, Terms & Criteria

  • All committee members must be NASW members in good standing.
  • Members of the committee shall nominate the committee co-chairs (two or more) as appropriate, using good judgment.
  • Committee membership shall be on a voluntary ongoing basis. No term limits are applicable.
  • When members join or leave, staff must be notified.

Committee Goals

  • To provide an outlet for members to identify professional interests and concerns in an international/global context and collaboratively examine and take or recommend appropriate action.
  • To encourage greater interest and participation in international and global issues among the larger social work community and general public through educational and experiential activities.
  • To collaborate with Connecticut schools of social work to co-sponsor international social work events.
  • To, as appropriate, address and engage in legislative policies involving international social work, which may involve coalition building with local, state, and national organizations in the field of international social work to strengthen and expand our base.
  • To provide a forum to address ethical issues that can arise in the practice of international social work.
  • To increase awareness among social workers and others of the impact that social problems have on American society, including those who are immigrants or refugees.