Latino/a Social Workers Network

Latino/a Social Workers Network- Committee Charge

Authorization and Accountability

The Latino/a Social Workers Network is a Board of Directors approved Network of the Connecticut Chapter of NASW. The Network reports to the Board of Directors at least twice a year on the activities of the Network.


To provide a professional network for Latino/a social workers and others interested in issues relevant to Latino/a social workers and the Latino/a community, to meet for sharing of mutual interests and to address issues of concern to the Network members within the framework of the social work profession.

Time Frame

The Network is an ongoing unit of the Connecticut Chapter.

Members, Terms, and Criteria

The Network is open to all NASW members. Latino/a social workers that are non-members of NASW may participate in the Network for a period up to six months, after which membership in NASW is expected.

The Network will have a Steering Committee consisting of those members who choose to be active and able to attend steering committee meetings. The chairperson of the Network shall be appointed by the chapter President with the advice of the Network’s steering committee, for a term of one year and may be reappointed for additional terms.

Specific Responsibilities

  1. Providing support to Network members in their professional career and to other Latino/a social workers.
  2. Advocating for Latino/a social workers in the workplace, in the profession, and in the community.
  3. Developing mentoring opportunities for Latino/a students in social work schools.
  4. Encouraging Latino/a students to pursue higher education through mentoring.
  5. Advocating with the state’s colleges and universities toward greater recruitment and retention of Latino/a students, faculty and staff.
  6. Working with the State’s administrative departments for health, education, child welfare and social services to advance service delivery that meets the needs of the Latino/a community, including adequate and culturally competent services.
  7. Encouraging participation by Latino/a social workers in issues facing the Latino/a community and providing a mechanism for such participation.
  8. Educating the social work community on relevant issues facing the Latino/a community.
  9. Conduct Network events throughout the State so that Latino/a social workers can network with colleagues and have a role in the Network.
  10. Working toward quality human services to Connecticut’s Latino/a community.
  11. Identifying and promoting Latino/a social workers interested in appointed positions and elective office.


The Latino/Latina Social Workers Network of NASW/CT was formed in 1997 to address the needs of Latino/a social workers. The Network involved itself in advocacy efforts to encourage the Connecticut State University System’s four state universities to recruit and retain more Latino/a students, faculty and staff, collaborated on a statewide conference and other efforts to improve foster care services for Latino/a children and offered opportunities for Latino/a social workers to network through social events. The Network was disbanded in 2000 largely due to a transition of staffing in the NASW/CT office. The Network was restarted in 2002 with a kick off reception at the chapter’s annual conference