Connecticut Political Action for Candidate Election (CT-PACE) is the political action arm of the Connecticut Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers.  As a Political action committee, CT-PACE endorses and financially contributes to candidates from any party who support CT – NASW’s policy agenda.  The state CT-PACE Board of Trustees contibutes to state candidates running for state-wide office.  CT-PACE works together with the Chapter’s legislative committee, ELAN to as they are really both SIDES OF THE SAME COIN.  If we elect candidates who share our values, then, it will be much easier to advocate on behalf of public policies that will positively affect our profession and our clients.


Social workers can influence elections (and therefore legislation, government, and policy) if we vote.  Therefore, we must all participate in effords to mobilize social workers and others to vote for candidates endorsed by NASW CT- PACE.

Volunteer with Your Chapter

  • Contact Steve Karp, Executive Director at NASW/CT: 860-257-8066 or email: and arrange to call CT-NASW members in your community asking them to vote for the candidate endorsed by NASW PACE and CT-PACE.
  • The Chapter will be holding phone banking rights in the Rocky Hill Office during the election season;
  • Volunteer with a NATIONAL PACE OR CT-PACE-ENDORSED Candidate:
  • By completing the PLAY AND/OR PAY Flyer (download) or contacting Steve Karp, you can be connected to the campaign of a CT-PACE OR NATIONAL PACE endorsed candidate which will contribute to social workers building political power!

Thank You to everyone who participated in the CT PACE PLAY AND/OR PAY!