We Have Your Back!

As a social worker you know the profession faces many challenges from health care reforms, other professions that want to expand into social work jobs, to policy makers that need to be educated as to importance of social work. The social work degree or social work license is not enough to protect your right to practice. That is why you need “Career Insurance” and that is what NASW membership provides you.

Without a strong NASW in Connecticut our profession will lose ground, taken over by individuals with non-social work degrees because everyone thinks they can do social work. No matter how many years you have been a social worker you still need to have “Career Insurance” which comes with your NASW membership.

What is “Career Insurance” you may be asking yourself and why do I need it? “Career Insurance” is having a professional association with the vitality to protect the practice of social work. Why is the degree or license enough? Because the degree or license alone cannot achieve the following – but NASW/CT has:

  • Negotiated with DPH for a LCSW renewal fee that is $125 less than MFTs.
  • Persuaded DCF to only hire MSWs and BSWs as social workers.
  • Convinced DSS to give preference to MSWs and BSWs for social work positions.
  • Passed a master level license for new social work graduates.
  • Promoted school social work as an essential element in children’s mental health services.
  • Pressed DSS to allow private practitioners to be providers under Medicaid.
  • Defeated legislation to privatize school social worker services.
  • Stopped legislation that would let insurers sell insurance in CT without mental health coverage.
  • Expanded social work jobs opportunity through a successful campaign to make sure the State of CT is giving preference in hiring to MSWs and BSWs for the positions of social worker.
  • Had social work included as a “core provider” under the state’s health care innovative model.
  • Always there as a vigilant voice for Social Work practice at the State Capitol.

NASW membership keeps you informed on key changes in the profession, provides valuable networking opportunities, and gives you access to the only social work sponsored professional liability insurance on the market. Plus, when you have a practice question the NASW/CT staff is just an email or call away.

Remember, with NASW membership you are buying yourself “Career Insurance” from the best available source! Your NASW membership assures a strong CT Chapter and a strong CT Chapter assures that we are here to fight for you.

Join NASW now at www.socialworkers.org

Stephen A. Karp, MSW
Executive Director