Call for Clinical Social Workers to Meet Increasing Demand for Climate Change-Related Mental Health Concerns

Climate Psychology Alliance North America (CPA-NA) is a newly formed nonprofit designed to help individuals cope with the varied psychosocial reactions to the climate and ecological crises.  We expect there will be a growing need for climate-aware therapists due to ongoing ecological degradation.  Additionally, climate destabilization will continue to contribute to social and political conflict.  As social workers, we are especially adept at considering environmental impacts on mental health.  We also know about dissociation of traumatic thoughts, resistance to change, procrastination and so much more.  We need as many clinicians as possible willing to provide support to people distressed about the climate crisis.  Please join the growing North American list of climate-aware therapists. Our goal is to ensure that patient concerns are validated and properly explored rather than dismissed or pathologized.  Climate change is the biggest threat to public health (including mental health).  Click here to learn more about this initiative and pledge to become a climate-aware therapist.

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