Support Title Protection for Social Workers!

LEGISLATIVE ALERT SUPPORT TITLE PROTECTION FOR SOCIAL WORKERS! URGENT – PUBLIC HEARING ON MONDAY, MARCH 4! Dear Colleague, A bill meant to establish social work title protection, House Bill (HB) 7198, “An Act Concerning Social Workers,” has just been introduced to the Connecticut General Assembly. Title protection would require that only people who have earned […]


As we are all aware, numerous & severe financial cuts to social service programs have continued to occur throughout our state, however we must stand up as social workers for the most vulnerable populations! The Department of Children and Families (DCF) is proposing a request within the budget to hire over 100 social workers to […]


Proposed DMAS & DPH Budget Cuts are putting communities at Risk! The Governor’s Budget is being heard by the Appropriations Committee. On Friday February 16th the DMHAS and DPH budget will be presented to the Appropriations Committee and a public hearing will be held. The Governor’s budget makes unacceptable cuts to social services & health […]

The Work to Restore Medicaid

THE WORK TO RESTORE MEDICAID IS YET NOT DONE. WE URGE YOU TO ACT- TODAY!   The Good News – The CT General Assembly voted to restore health care coverage for 110,000 elderly and people with disabilities- providing a temporary fix to the Medicaid Savings Program (MSP). This is a step forward!  But there is more […]

68,000 About to Lose Health Coverage

ATTENTION HEALTHCARE CRISIS UNFOLDING IN CONNECTICUT!   Over 68,0000 seniors and disabled constituents of Connecticut are set to be cut from the Medicare Savings Programs effective on January 1, 2018! The Medicare Savings Program makes Medicaid the supplemental coverage for Medicare covering the cost of Medicare Part B premiums for low income Medicare recipients. It also […]

Urgent Message on State Budget

We need help to prevent cuts to programs for low income people. Our lobbyist received a call from someone very involved in the budget negotiations. They said they are being asked to cut another $100-$150 million from the budget and others in the negotiations are looking to cut programs that serve the poor such as […]


The Connecticut House of Representatives and Senate is scheduled to meet Tuesday, July 18th to discuss the current state budget proposals. As most of you are aware, all of these recent budget proposals significantly jeopardize HUSKY A/Medicaid program and this could mean over 9,500 parents losing healthcare coverage as soon as the budget is passed! PLEASE […]

NASW/CT Calls On The State Legislature To Include New Revenues In All Proposed Budgets

The State Legislature and Governor have to pass a state budget by June 30th or the Governor will begin to allocate funds monthly to keep state government and state funded services going. In the event that no budget is passed by July 1st it is unclear how much funds will be allocated to a wide […]

SUPPORT SB 586: An Act Expanding Mandated Health Benefits For Women, Children and Adolescents

We urge legislators to do what they can to mitigate the harm that is expected to result from continued threats of Congressional action or Administrative rollbacks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) through regulatory changes, in coming months. Despite the failure of the American Health Care Act to repeal the ACA completely, coverage could be […]


Support Senate Bill 977: An Act Concerning Access To Original Birth Records By Adult Adopted Persons Adopted adults whose adoptions were finalized on or after October 1, 1983 have the ability to attain an uncertified copy of their birth certificate. However, those adopted before this date do not yet have this right of access. Senate […]