Contacting Texas Chapter to Help with Relief

Below is information on how to help, we are as a chapter, not directly organizing efforts statewide but directing folks to resources.  Also you can check on the Facebook pages for Houston, Gulf Coast, Southeast Texas for local efforts and needs.  The Governor has temporarily suspended the need for a Texas license if you are working in a hospital and in some cases certified to accept Medicaid.  NASW/TX is asking him, our licensing board, and our state agency HHS, to temporarily suspend the need across the board for Texas Licenses so that out of state folks can assist.

You can check our website for updates which we are doing several times a day at Also keep in mind that if you decide to come and are not a part of an approved or organized group to provide services you might find lodging and food a challenge in addition to not having a license to practice in Texas.

Please go to the URL’s below to register as a volunteer.  In the coming days and weeks we will know more and if you register with VOAD and Red Cross they can call you directly to help. If you are a certified Red Cross Volunteer your license is honored in the area/state you are sent to help.

In the meantime, you can donate monies to the Red Cross Hurricane Harvey Fund and the Houston Disaster Fund or other local disaster funds for areas affected. Again thank you for your concern and caring about Texans effected by the Hurricane!


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