Social Work Jobs Threatened

NASW/CT protests the Farmington Public Schools move to replace school social workers with school psychologists. Farmington Public Schools used 2 vacancies for school social workers to be filled by school psychologists.  The Chapter has written to the Farmington Schools Superintendent and the Board of Education, calling for a halt on the policy of replacing school social workers with school psychologists. In the Chapter letter the unique value of school social workers was explained, as well as the importance of having both school social workers and school psychologists in all schools. The Chapter pointed out that one profession is not interchangeable with the other. In recent years both Avon and Wallingford replaced school social workers with school psychologists. Avon brought back school social workers last year and Wallingford is hiring school social workers this year. NASW/CT is asking for Chapter members in Farmington to contact school officials and call for maintaining school social work positions in each school.  To read the Chapter’s letter to the School Superintendent click here.

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