HB 5004 An Act Implementing Early Voting

Government Administration and Elections Committee

February 23,2023

Submitted by William M. Knoegel L.C.S.W.; ELAN Co-Chair

N.A.S.W. Ct. Chapter consisting of 2,300 members in Connecticut fully endorse this bill. We have always promoted ways to promote the access and voting prowess of all eligible voters.

Nationwide, our eligible voters only comprise of the 49 percent voting populace. We need to be innovative in our ways to increase voting. Not all voters work conventional 9 to 5 jobs on voting days. Many voters work long shifts and multiple jobs. The ability to avail oneself to vote can be daunting with all the daily pressures that working families face. Expanding avenues to increase voting would help these respective individuals.

We are in an increasing elderly population. Providing early voting avenues will allay their fears of not meeting their civic duties. Elderly people and along with the disabled population have to line up people to assist them in getting their votes in within the prescribed time frames.

As a First world developed nation, it is disgraceful how much we lag other nations in the world in percentage of voting. Voting is one of the most sacred obligations that a U.S. citizen possesses and the ability to carry that out is imperative.

N.A.S.W. Ct. Chapter is encouraging the Government Administration and Election Committee support and promote the passage of HB 5004 to the larger General Assembly.

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