HB 6693 An Act Concerning Absentee Voting

Government Administration and Elections Committee

February 23,2023

Submitted by William M. Knoegel L.C.S.W., Co-Chair of ELAN.

N.A.S.W. Ct. Chapter consists of 2,300 members in the state support HB 6693. We have always promoted voting rights and innovative ways to increase participation of the citizenry.

We understand the right to vote is sacred. There should be guardrails to ensure accurate voting tabulation. However, we are human and prone to erring to errors on our ballot. If a citizen realizes that they have made a faulty entry, they should reserve the right to corrective action to correct their mistakes. It should be free of any evidence of coercive efforts.

We live in a state with an ability to execute things and respectfully deal with things in an appropriate manner. This act to ensure the ability to correct honest mistakes or omissions are within those parameters.

N.A.S.W./Ct. Chapter encourages the Government Administration and Elections Committee to pass and support HB 6693.

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