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Dear Colleague,

A bill meant to establish social work title protection, House Bill (HB) 7198, “An Act Concerning Social Workers,” has just been introduced to the Connecticut General Assembly. Title protection would require that only people who have earned a degree in social worker can call themselves social workers, or be hired to a job position with the title of “Social Worker.”

However, HB 7198 does NOT actually provide title protection for all social workers. As it is written right now, the bill would only allow people with a license in social work to call themselves “social workers.” Not only would this not protect MSWs who do not need a license to practice (e.g. macro-level social workers) and BSWs who are unable to get a license in the first place, it would effectively ban these individuals – who have worked hard to earn degrees in social work – from accurately representing themselves as social workers!

HB 7198 will be given a public hearing THIS MONDAY, March 4 in the Public Health Committee. We’re reaching out to you because getting the language of the bill changed successfully is dependent on a massive mobilization of social workers submitting testimony, calling on the Public Health Committee to support real title protection for social workers. This is urgent, and we need as many of you as possible to submit testimony!

When writing your testimony, you should include a header with the following:

  • The bill number and name (HB 7198, “An Act Concerning Social Workers”)
  • The name of the committee (Public Health Committee)
  • The date of the public hearing (March 4, 2019)
  • Your name and town of residence

Your testimony should also include why title protection is important to you as a social worker, and that the Public Health Committee should substitute the current bill language with the language NASW/CT submitted. If you know of any incidents in which a “social worker” in name only provided inadequate services for a client or even harmed them, please include that in your testimony as well (and send us your example to

Finally, here are some talking points you can use to strengthen your testimony:

  • Individuals who have attained a degree in social work have taken a rigorous curriculum in cultural differences, ethical practice, human behavior and therapeutic treatments.
  • Practice by individuals who are “social workers” in name only reflects badly on the entire social work profession.
  • Those with degrees in social work are bound by the NASW Code of Ethics, public standards consumers can hold social workers accountable to. But consumers who have been harmed can’t file a complaint against someone who is a social worker in name only.
  • Title protection will protect consumers by preventing agencies from falsely advertising their services and providing substandard care.
  • Here in Connecticut, doctors, dentists, veterinarians, psychologists, and massage therapists are among the health professions that have title protection. Why not social workers?
  • Thirty-five states already have title protection in place for social workers, including Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, and New Jersey.


Write a testimony letter and email it to no later than 2:00 PM on Sunday, March 3. Testimony submitted after 2:00 PM March 3 will be given to the Public Health Committee after the public hearing.

If you do not know who represents you in the State Legislature click here

If you’re interested in attending the public hearing to give testimony, or if you need more information or have feedback from legislators, please don’t hesitate to contact us: or 860-257-8066.

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