The Connecticut House of Representatives and Senate is scheduled to meet Tuesday, July 18th to discuss the current state budget proposals. As most of you are aware, all of these recent budget proposals significantly jeopardize HUSKY A/Medicaid program and this could mean over 9,500 parents losing healthcare coverage as soon as the budget is passed!

PLEASE CALL your legislators and the members of the appropriations committee and ask them to please keep current Medicaid funding secure for the sake of children, families, the disabled, and poor who greatly rely on Medicaid/Husky insurance, especially with all of the other proposed cuts to social service programs in our state!  Please remember to say that you are a social worker.

As for revenues NASW/CT asks our members to contact your state senator and state reps & tell them that you are willing to pay a little more in taxes to preserve the health care programs funded by the state.

Don’t Delay, Please Call Now!

Find your legislators’ contact information here.

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