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Live Classes

Culture Comp/Veterans
OctoberVoices, Visions and Unusual Beliefs: An Alternative View of Extreme States12Advocacy UnlimitedInteractive LIVE Webinar860-233-7866
10/11/21Mental Health First Aid4.5The Connection, Inc.Interactive LIVE Webinar860-343-5500
10/12/21Substance Use Disorder Counseling Strategies for Relapse Prevention3CT Women's ConsortiumTo Be Determined203-909-6888
10/13/21Seasonal Affective Disorder in the Elderly: Winter, Holidays and the Pandemic1Brightview Senior LivingInteractive LIVE Webinar203-857-1836
10/14/21Treating Obsessive Compulsive and Other Related Disorders6CT Women's ConsortiumInteractive LIVE Webinar203-909-6888
10/14/21Virtual U: Faith in the Neighborhood Series: How We Make Sense of the World, Part 1 Religious Manyness1Cultural CompetencyAARP/CTInteractive LIVE Webinar More Info
10/18/21Uplifting Voices: Conversations on Trauma & Recovery with the Consortium (Day 1)6CT Women's ConsortiumInteractive LIVE Webinar203-909-6888
10/19/21Uplifting Voices: Conversations on Trauma & Recovery with the Consortium (Day 2)6CT Women's ConsortiumInteractive LIVE Webinar203-909-6888
10/19/21The Leadership Forum6Transformative Leadership StrategiesInteractive LIVE Webinar860-906-7133
10/20/21Nursing Home Advocacy 101: Resident Rights During Discharge1Coalition for Elder Justice in ConnecticutInteractive LIVE Webinar860-235-7962
10/21/21Validation: The Essential Element of Empathic Communication2The Connection, Inc.Interactive LIVE Webinar860-343-5500
10/22/21LGBTQIA* Affirming Therapy4Cultural CompetencyGrowth Therapy887 Main Street,
Monroe, CT
10/22/21Building Bridges: Reuniting Communities Through School Based Health Services4.5Connecticut Association of School Based Health CentersSouthbury, CT203-230-9976
10/26/21Virtual U: Faith in the Neighborhood Series: Part 2, Clothing, Cuisine and Calendars1Cultural CompetencyAARP/CTInteractive LIVE Webinar More Info
10/27/21Getting a Grip on Gender: Working with Gender Diverse and Transgender Clients Across the Lifespan3Cultural CompetencyCT Women's ConsortiumTo Be Determined203-909-6888
10/27/21It's All About the Resources: A panel discussion of community resources for oncology patients and their caregivers3CT Social Work Oncology GroupGaylord Hospital, Wallingford203-575-5511
10/27/21`Foundational Concepts of Client Engagement3The Connection, Inc.100 Roscommon Drive, Suite 203, Middletown, CT860-343-5500
10/28/21Out of Prison & Out of Work; Developing Employment Opportunities for the Formerly Incarcerated3The Connection, Inc.Interactive LIVE Webinar860-343-5500
10/28/21TEARS Elder Abuse Conference4.75Area Agency on Aging of South Central ConnecticutInteractive LIVE Webinar203-584-3300
11/09/21Serving Those Who Serve: Enhancing Perspective & Creating Helping Opportunities3Veteran'sCT Women's ConsortiumInteractive LIVE Webinar203-909-6888
11/09/21Virtual U: Faith in the Neighborhood Series: Part 3, What Goes on in There? Diversity in 10 Buildings1Cultural CompetencyAARP/CTInteractive LIVE Webinar More Info
11/10/21Kate's Song: A workshop on transformation through trauma, caregiving and music1AARP/CTInteractive LIVE Webinar More Info
11/12/21I am Enough: An Exploration of Restorative Yoga Practices3CT Women's ConsortiumTo Be Determined203-909-6888
11/20/21The Efficacy of Psychyoanalytic Psychotherapy: A Lecture and Clinical Workshop4WCSPPInteractive LIVE Webinar914-997-7500
(6 date series)
Maastricht Approach Project (MAP)25.5Advocacy UnlimitedInteractive LIVE Webinar860-505-7581
11/30/21Pursuing Racial Justice3Cultural CompetencyCT Women's ConsortiumInteractive LIVE Webinar203-909-6888
12/02/21Brave Conversations: Facing Racism and Skin Color Privilege6Cultural CompetencyCT Women's ConsortiumTo Be Determined203-909-6888
12/04/21LGBTQIA* Affirming Therapy4Cultural CompetencyGrowth Therapy887 Main Street
Monroe, CT
12/07/21Attending to the Dyad: Working with Parents and Young Children to Support Family Resilience3CT Women's ConsortiumTo Be Determined203-909-6888
12/09/21DSM-5 The Whole Enchilada6CT Women's ConsortiumTo Be Determined203-909-6888
12/11/21Face Your Fears: Conducting Good Exposure Therapy Across Diagnoses6CT Women's ConsortiumTo Be Determined203-909-6888
12/14/21Coming into the Light: Breaking the Stigma of Substance Use Disorders3CT Women's ConsortiumTo Be Determined203-909-6888
12/16/21The Body Politic: Body and Weight Liberation as Social Justice6CT Women's ConsortiumTo Be Determined203-909-6888

On-going Classes

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