CEC Live Classes

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NASW/CT approves the content of programs for continuing education (CE) credit. CE approval does not constitute NASW/CT endorsement of the CE provider.

Live Classes

Culture Comp/Veterans
01/25/22Understanding Gender and Sexual Identities: A Training for Practitioners3Cultural CompetenceCT Women's ConsortiumInteractive LIVE Webinar203-909-6888
01/27/22Mobility Management Overview1AARP/CTInteractive LIVE Webinar More Info
01/28/22Zen in America - Holistic Stress Management for Everyday Use3CT Women's Consortium2321 Whitney Ave., Suite 401
01/28/22Heart Path Therapy for Therapists
Introductory Training
7Heart Path TherapyInteractive LIVE Webinar860 995-3457
01/29/22Minding Emotions2CT Society of Psychoanalytic PsychologyInteractive LIVE Webinar203-809-3484
01/31/22Highlighting Research on/with Latinx Communities1.5Cultural CompetenceNASW/CT's Latino/a Social Work NetworkInteractive LIVE Webinar More Info
02/03/22Regional Mobility Management1AARP/CTInteractive LIVE Webinar More Info
02/04/22Rising Strong™ for Helping Professionals10Cultural CompetenceAnn Sandercox, LCSW, LLCInteractive LIVE Webinar203 344 0822
02/07/22 to 02/11/22Dialectical Behavior Therapy Foundational Training for Clinicians32Tap Root TherapyInteractive LIVE Webinar More Info
02/10/22Public Transportation Navigation1AARP/CTInteractive LIVE Webinar More Info
02/17/22Americans with Disabilities Act1AARP/CTInteractive LIVE Webinar More Info
02/23/22The Social & Emotional Well-Being Impact of Social Media on Children and Families3CT Women's ConsortiumInteractive LIVE Webinar203-909-6888
02/24/22Local Transportation Options1AARP/CTInteractive LIVE Webinar More Info
02/25/22Heart Path Therapy® for Therapists7Heart Path TherapyInteractive LIVE Webinar860-995-3457
03/03/22Why Race Matters6Cultural CompetenceCT Women's ConsortiumInteractive LIVE Webinar203-909-6888
03/03/22Travel Training 1011AARP/CTInteractive LIVE Webinar More Info
03/04/22Psychopharmacology: The Basis and Beyond6CT Women's ConsortiumInteractive LIVE Webinar203-909-6888
03/17/22Buried in Treasures: The Nature and Treatment of Hoarding Disorder6CT Women's ConsortiumInteractive LIVE Webinar203-909-6888
03/25/22 - 03/27/22
(1st of 4 3-day weekends; all are required for 84 CECs)
Heart Path Therapy® for Therapists84Heart Path TherapyInteractive LIVE Webinar860-995-3457
03/30/22Trauma Through the Lens of Attachment Theory3CT Woman's Consortium2321 Whitney Avenue, Suite 401203-909-6888

On-going Classes

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