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CEC Provider Information

As of October 1, 1999, the state of Connecticut requires licensed social workers (LSCWs and LMSWs) to obtain 15 Continuing Education Credit Hours (CECs) annually to renew their license (see regulation information).  NASW/CT is one of the organizations authorized to approve providers of Continuing Education Credit Hours.  Other organizations recognized by the Department of Public Health include the National office of NASW, other state chapter offices of NASW, the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) and accredited Schools of Social Work.

NASW/CT’s CEC Program (previously known as CEU) is designed to help you provide documentation of the quality Continuing Education you plan to offer to social workers, and to allow participants to use your programs to fulfill their license renewal requirements.

NASW/CT’s continuing education credits may be applied for license renewal for social workers (LCSW and LMSW), marriage and family therapists (LMFT), Licensed Professional Counselors (LPCs), and Licensed Psychologists.

  • CEC Provider Guidelines (Directions/Fees) – Single program and Multiple Provider programs available.
  • CEC Provider Approval Program Application (APPLICATION)
  • CEC Provider Approval Program Application for WEB BASED Programs (APPLICATION)

For approved programs you will have permission to use the phrase “This program has been approved for Continuing Education Credit Hours by NASW/CT and meets the continuing education criteria for Social Work Licensure renewal” in your marketing materials.  Approved programs will be listed on the NASW/CT CEC Calendar if publicity is requested on the application form.

Advertise your event through display or classified ads on the NASW website or make use of our Monthly CEC EBlast to our members.  Membership mailing labels can also be rented.  The use of these marketing tools could significantly increase participation in your event and is both cost effective and convenient.

CEC Provider Guidelines 

NASW/CT offers formal approval of Continuing Education Credit Hours, (previously known as CEUs), for workshops and educational programs that meet the criteria established by our national office and the State of Connecticut.  These education offerings may be used by social workers, marriage & family therapists, professional counselors, and licensed psychologists to meet the Continuing Education requirement for Licensure renewal in Connecticut.  Many managed care organizations and privately sponsored credentials recognize NASW/CT Continuing Education Credit Hours (CECs).

NASW/CT has established an approval process designed to:

  1. assure LCSWs and LMSWs that approved programs meet the state of Connecticut continuing education requirement, and
  2. promote quality educational events which will advance professional development and enhance social work services to clients and the community.

Application for CECs for educational programs, workshops and conferences may be made by Providers that meet the criteria and conditions below.  Potential Providers may include, but are not limited to, universities, professional organizations, social service agencies, training centers, and individual educators.

Providers must have:

A means of responsibility for control over all aspects of programs to ensure that educational objectives and standards are met.

A system for selection and supervision of qualified instructors.

A system for evaluation of programs by participants.

Determining the Number of Units

One continuing education credit hour may be approved for each contact hour of instruction (a contact hour may include a ten minute break) included in an educational activity instruction.  The appropriate number of Continuing Education Credit Hours is determined prior to the beginning of the program, and is based on the objectives, content, format, methods of instruction, and program schedule.  A workshop or event must be a minimum of 1 hour in length and a maximum of 8 hours per day.

Time devoted to announcements, welcoming  speeches, scheduled coffee breaks, lunch and other social events is not included in the number of hours considered.

NASW/CT does NOT approve a provider for Continuing Education Credit Hours AFTER a program has been delivered.  Application for Continuing Education Credit Hours must be made by the Provider of the program, not by individual participants who attend the program (for information on occasional exceptions please see Individual Reviews under the Continuing Education tab on the NASW/CT website).  NASW/CT will ultimately verify the number of Continuing Education Credit Hours for a program.

Program Content

The Program must involve face-to-face didactic instruction or be in a home study/online format (use web based application for home study programs).  Representatives of the target audience, including persons holding a professional degree in social work, must provide input during the program planning to ensure the suitability of the subject matter to the level of application.

There must be a clear statement of objectives for each program in order to ascertain that desired goals have been reached.  Program objectives developed during the planning process may include, but are not limited to: changes in the attitude and approach of the learner to the solution of problems, presentation of new knowledge or updating obsolete information in specific content areas, the introduction to and/or mastery of specific skills and techniques, and improvement in the selective responses of the learner.

Connecticut Statutes require that the subject matter for continuing education activities for licensure renewal be relevant to social work practice.  Clinical Social Work training should reflect the scope of practice of Licensed Clinical Social Workers.  The scope of practice is the application of established principles of psychosocial development, behavior, psychopathology, unconscious motivation, interpersonal relationships and environmental stress to the evaluation, assessment, diagnosis and treatment of bio-psychosocial dysfunction, disability and impairment, including mental, emotional, behavioral, developmental and addictive disorders, of individuals, couples, families or groups.  Clinical social work includes, but is not limited to, counseling, psychotherapy, behavior modification and mental health consultation.

Continuing Education Credit Hours may be awarded for content relating to organizational structure, marketing and other topics related to business management.

Evaluation Criteria

Methods of evaluation to determine the effectiveness of continuing education must be an integral part of each program.

A description of the evaluation methods, evaluation criteria, and sample evaluation forms must be included in the application.

Satisfactory Completion

When activities have been approved for the awarding of Continuing Education Hours, only those individuals who have satisfactorily completed the activity will receive Continuing Education Credit Hours.  It is the responsibility of the Provider of the program to determine that the participant met this standard and thus is eligible for the continuing education credit.


Connecticut regulation requires that the Provider issue certificates of completion to participants and maintain records for three years.

How to become an NASW/CT Provider:

Submit application information and application fee at least six weeks in advance of each program.  Once approved, you may include in the announcement of the program the following statement:

This program has been approved for ___ Continuing Education Credit Hours by the National Association of Social Workers, CT and meets the continuing education criteria for Social Work Licensure renewal.  You may also add Marriage & Family Therapist Licensure renewal, Professional Counselor Licensure renewal and Licensed Psychologist Licensure renewal.  Or you may state that the application for Continuing Education Credit Hours by the NASW/CT is pending.

Advertisement Opportunities and Purchasing of Labels

All continuing education programs approved by NASW/CT will receive a complimentary listing on the NASW/CT CEC Calendar on the Web Site if requested by the Provider.  For information on other advertising opportunities in the NASW/CT CEC monthly Email Blast, the Newsletter, and mailing label rental, call the NASW/CT office at (860) 257-8066 or see Classifieds/Advertising Opportunities on the website.


Submit six weeks in advance of a program a fully completed application, all supplemental materials, and fees to:  NASW/CT, 2139 Silas Deane Highway, Suite 205, Rocky Hill, CT 06067. You may also submit an application with attachments electronically to: and pay online.

Make checks payable to NASW/CT.  Master Card, Discover, Visa and American Express are also accepted.  All fees are non-refundable.  If your organization has already paid its fee for this year, you only need to submit an application with attachments.

Click here to download a copy of the Program Provider Application

Click here to download a copy of the WEB-BASED Provider Application