CEC Live Classes

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Live Classes

Culture Comp/Veterans
05/07/21Fundamentals of Emotional Freedom Technique3CT Women's ConsortiumTo Be Determined203-909-6888
05/08/21Getting to Know and Care for Your Inner Child: A Day of Mindfulness Practice5Copper Beech Institute303 Tunxis Road
West Hartford, CT
05/11/21Whole Body Stress Release3CT Women's ConsortumTo Be Determined203-909-6888
05/12/21Social Work Meets Sports2Welcome2RealityInteractive LIVE Webinar203-754-8000
05/18/21Responding to Intimate Partner Violence: Screening & Intervention for Behavioral Health Professionals3CT Women's ConsortiumTo Be Determined203-909-6888
05/18/21Caregiver Burden: Breaking Through the Barriers of Denial1Brightview Senior LivingInteractive LIVE Webinar203-857-1839
05/19/21Dear Black Males... Series - Family2Cultural CompetencyWelcome 2 RealityInteractive LIVE Webinar203-754-8000
05/20/21The Science and Art of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy6CT Women's ConsortiumTo Be Determined203-909-6888
05/21/21The Dynamics of Money: How to Create Financial Health and Well-being for Yourself and Your Clients…Now and Through the Challenges of COVID-196Money and Self-Empowerment Co.Interactive LIVE Webinar More Info
05/21/212021 Women and Opioids Conference6CT Women's ConsortiumInteractive LIVE Webinar203-909-6888
05/25/21What We Can Learn from the Suicides of Vincent van Gogh, Diane Arbus, and Marilyn Monroe3CT Women's ConsortiumTo Be Determined203-909-6888
05/28/21Healing the Body: Health at Every Size, Intuitive Eating and Ethical Healing of Bodies6CT Women's ConsortiumTo Be Determined203-909-6888
06/03/21DBT Mindfulness6Nalej of Self, LLCTo Be Determined347-429-5909
06/04/21Managing Employee Retention & Engagement for Remote Workers3The Connection, Inc.Interactive LIVE Webinar860-578-3872
06/06/21Confronting Fear and Anger1.5Nalej of Self, LLCTo Be Determined347-429-5909
06/08/21Pathways to Living in an Age-Inclusive Society by Quinnipiac University/AARP CT/ Masonicare2AARP/CTInteractive LIVE Webinar860-548-3163
06/09/21Diversity in the Workplace: One Agency, More Cultures6CT Women's ConsortiumTo Be Determined203-909-6888
06/10/21Introduction to Clinical Practice with LGBTQ Clients3.5Cultural CompetencyCT Women's ConsortiumInteractive LIVE Webinar203-909-6888
06/18/21Mindfulness Skills for Clinicians: How to integrate the power of mindfulness in your clinical practice3CT Women's ConsortiumTo Be Determined203-909-6888
06/30/21Understanding the Adolescent/Young Adult Brain from a Developmental Lens3CT Women's ConsortiumTo Be Determined203-909-6888
07/01/21DBT Interpersonal Effectiveness6Nalej of Self, LLCTo Be Determined347-429-5909
07/14/21Caregiving for those with Dementia: Ethics and DilemmasMaplewood at Southport917 Mill Hill Terrace
Southport, CT
08/05/21DBT Emotion Regulation6Nalej of Self, LLCTo Be Determined347-429-5909
08/20/21Military Sexual Trauma: Eligibility, Effects and Treatment Considerations3VeteransCT Women's ConsortiumTo Be Determined203-909-6888
08/26/21Trauma-Informed Clinical Practice with LGBTQ Clients3.5Cultural CompetencyCT Women's ConsortiumInteractive LIVE Webinar203-909-6888
09/02/21DBT Distress Tolerance6Nalej of Self, LLCTo Be Determined347-429-5909
09/03/21Building LGBTQ Inclusive Workplaces3.5Cultural CompetencyCT Women's ConsortiumInteractive LIVE Webinar203-909-6888
09/17/21Supporting Grief "Work" in Therapy6CT Women's ConsortiumTo Be Determined203-909-6888
09/20/21Fun, Healthy and Sober: Using Self-Expression & Holistic Practices to Enhance Treatment Culture3CT Women's ConsortiumTo Be Determined203-909-6888
09/24/21Ethics in Relation to Others - A Relational View of Ethical Behavior2CT Women's ConsortiumTo Be Determined203-909-6888
09/29/21Engaging Youth in Foster Care3CT Women's ConsortiumTo Be Determined203-909-6888
OctoberVoices, Visions and Unusual Beliefs: An Alternative View of Extreme States12Advocacy UnlimitedInteractive LIVE Webinar860-233-7866
10/01/21The Weight of (My) Race: Black Women and Eating Disorders2Cultural CompetencyCT Women's ConsortiumInteractive LIVE Webinar860-909-6888
10/05/21Women's Leadership Experience18CT Women's ConsortiumInteractive LIVE Webinar203-909-6888
10/07/21Teen Suicide and Self Harm3CT Women's ConsortiumTo Be Determined203-909-6888
10/12/21Substance Use Disorder Counseling Strategies for Relapse Prevention3CT Women's ConsortiumTo Be Determined203-909-6888
10/14/21Treating Obsessive Compulsive and Other Related Disorders6CT Women's ConsortiumInteractive LIVE Webinar203-909-6888
10/27/21Getting a Grip on Gender: Working with Gender Diverse and Transgender Clients Across the Lifespan3Cultural CompetencyCT Women's ConsortiumTo Be Determined203-909-6888
11/09/21Serving Those Who Serve: Enhancing Perspective & Creating Helping Opportunities3Veteran'sCT Women's ConsortiumInteractive LIVE Webinar203-909-6888
11/12/21I am Enough: An Exploration of Restorative Yoga Practices3CT Women's ConsortiumTo Be Determined203-909-6888
12/09/21DSM-5 The Whole Enchilada6CT Women's ConsortiumTo Be Determined203-909-6888
12/11/21Face Your Fears: Conducting Good Exposure Therapy Across Diagnoses6CT Women's ConsortiumTo Be Determined203-909-6888
12/14/21Coming into the Light: Breaking the Stigma of Substance Use Disorders3CT Women's ConsortiumTo Be Determined203-909-6888
12/16/21The Body Politic: Body and Weight Liberation as Social Justice6CT Women's ConsortiumTo Be Determined203-909-6888

On-going Classes

EventDateCEU'sEventLocationOther Info
OngoingWednesdays, monthly1.5Fairfield County Private Practice GroupWestport Town Hall, Westport, CTSeptember 26, 2018
October 10, 2018
November 14, 2018
December 12, 2018
January 9, 2019
February 13, 2019
March 13, 2019
April 10, 2019
May 8, 2019
OngoingFirst Tuesday Seminars for Social Workers,
Region III Meetings
1.5Seminars for Social WorkersWestport Town Hall Westport, CTNo Meetings January and February
OngoingEvery other 2nd Tuesday Seminars for Social Workers1.5Region III North Regional MeetingWatertownNovember 8, 2018
January 10, 2019
OngoingQuarterly on the Third Tuesday of the month in September, December, March and June1.5Region II MeetingsSeptember - New Haven
December - Guilford
March - East Haddam
June - Groton/New London