68,000 About to Lose Health Coverage




  • Over 68,0000 seniors and disabled constituents of Connecticut are set to be cut from the Medicare Savings Programs effective on January 1, 2018!
  • The Medicare Savings Program makes Medicaid the supplemental coverage for Medicare covering the cost of Medicare Part B premiums for low income Medicare recipients. It also assists with co-insurance and prescription copays. Currently it covers individuals with income up to 155% of the federal poverty level. The state budget cuts dramatically reduce the amount of income one can have and still be eligible for help.
  • Under the new, upcoming guidelines anyone who has an income over 135% of the federal poverty level ($1,356/month for singles, $1,826 for couples) will completely lose their eligibility.
  • Anyone between 100% – 135% ($1,005/$1,353) will lose all of their cost­ sharing coverage (Medicare deductibles, co-insurance and co-pays).
  • The expected out of pocket costs vary amongst individual cases. Estimates predict this will cost low-income seniors and disabled, on average, HUNDREDS each month, which is unrealistic for most, if not all to afford.


  • Contact your state legislators & urge them to RESCIND these cuts to the Medicare Savings Program. Also ask them to tell DSS to delay implementing the cuts to the Medicare Savings Program!
  • Please also recruit & encourage anyone that may be personally affected to contact legislators as well. We believe legislators are not fully aware of the degree of impact this will have & we need all efforts to help educate & advocate on behalf of those that will be significantly affected.


  1. Cheryl Bailey says

    I am on disability and have Medicare and QMB. I can barely make ends meet and now the income limits are lowered and Medicare premium is going to start coming out of my check and I lose the full medical coverage. I am going to have to stop seeing my doctors and cut back on my medications. How can this be done. You know how many people are going to not be able to get the care they need. This is absolutely inhumane. We need to keep the qualifications for extra help where they are.

  2. SUSANNE alyce says

    I agree ….I can hardly exist on what I receive now. Stop this action

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