Continuing Education Requirement on Veterans

As of January 1, 2016 LMSWs and LCSWs must attain 2 hours of continuing education on the topic of veterans and/or veterans families. This requirement of 2 hours is for every 6 years, except if you are renewing your license for the first time you must get the hours in that first renewal year. You […]

2016 Legislative Agenda Adopted

The NASW/CT Board of Directors approved the 2016 Legislative Agenda. Given this is a short session of three months with an emphasis on the state budget, the chapter has a very targeted agenda of bills we expect to see introduced. As always the agenda has the flexibility to be revised if needed to address unanticipated […]

Changes to Dues Rates & Payment Options

After holding dues steady for 10 years, NASW is increasing membership dues effective October 1, 2015. New dues rates apply to those with membership expiration dates of 9/30/2015 and later. To provide more flexibility in paying dues, NASW is offering two payment options: (1) prepay at the current rate for up to two years by […]

Licensure Required by May 1st.

As of May 1, 2015 all clinical social work practice in CT will require either the LMSW or LCSW. The only exceptions are social work internships as part of a social work degree program, practice under a school social worker certification, practice in a nursing home and practicing under another professional license.

NASW/CT announces the Chapter’s Legislative Agenda for 2016.

NASW/CT announces the Chapter’s Legislative agenda for 2015. The agenda covers workforce, human rights, social justice and consumer protections. Please view the 2015 Legislative Agenda in the next column under Legislative Testimony.

LMSW Started May 15th

The LMSW began in May. Applications for Grandparenting and for taking the exam are now being accepted. Read more…

Clinical Social Work Practice Alert

A new NASW practice alert “Major Changes in 2014 for Clinical Social Workers”: is available fo NASW members at the following link: There are four major changes listed which will impact reimbursement for clinical social workers.  The changes are in the area of the CMS 1500 Form, International Classification of Diseases, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual […]

Jan 28
A Perspective on Ethical Issues in Prevention Practice and Research

Location –  (The Consultation Center) New Haven, CT CE Hours – 6 Phone – (203) 789-7645

Jan 24
Family Therapy with Adolescents

CE Hours – 5 Location – NY, NY Contact Number – 212.879.4900

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