NASW Has Released a Social Justice Report…

NASW has released a social justice report that calls for the cash bail system to be abolished across the nation. 

The system unfairly discriminates against people of color, women and people who are low income. For instance, bail for black men is set at levels 35 percent higher than for white males who commit similar crimes. Women who are jailed often earn less a year than the average bond of $10,000.

The bail system also hurts communities, families and children because people who are jailed can end up waiting months or even years for a trial. As a result they are at risk of losing employment, housing and custody of their children.

The report is being sent to the news media on Monday morning. It will also be shared on NASW’s social media platforms. There is  a press release available. Feel free to tailor it to your needs if necessary and share with members, constituents and local media (I can build a local media list for you and distribute it).

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