Urgent Message on State Budget

We need help to prevent cuts to programs for low income people. Our lobbyist received a call from someone very involved in the budget negotiations. They said they are being asked to cut another $100-$150 million from the budget and others in the negotiations are looking to cut programs that serve the poor such as Medicaid, TFA, SAGA, childcare, housing and food programs. The person that called felt that it was very important to get people served by these programs to contact Democratic House and Senate leadership. Our lobbyist explained how hard it is for people who are living with such financial uncertainty to advocate for themselves but we are asking people who work with this population to try and get emails from the people who received these services to leadership. So please ask recipients of these services to email the leaders below and tell them how important these services are to them and their families.

Another option is to have those who work with low income households to tell their stories. So if you provide services for people who receive services such as Medicaid, childcare, TFA, SAGA, housing and food assistance , please e-mail the four Democratic leaders below and tell their stories. We understand there are privacy issues but it does not have to be a specific person’s story but stories about how these programs affect someone’s live. If each of you would send such a story to the leaders it could have the ability to protect these programs.

Please send these stories to Rep. Joe Aresimowicz, Rep. Matt Ritter, Sen. Martin Looney and Sen. Bob Duff. You can send the same story to each of them. Their e-mail addresses are below:

Whether or not you work with individuals using state funded services you can send an important message to YOUR state legislators. Tell your legislators that you SUPPORT new revenues to assure a fair budget that meets human service needs of CT’s population. Right now all the budget proposals have significant, harming cuts to state funded human services, health care and education. Tell your legislators it is time to pass a fair budget that included new revenues. If you do not know who represents you click here https://www.cga.ct.gov/asp/menu/cgafindleg.asp


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